Yoga for Pregnant Women

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Yoga is a form of exercising the mind and the body, of balancing all functions and bringing you to an equilibrium. It is one of the oldest forms of exercising in the world, and it can be practiced by anyone, from women to children and from men to older people. In what follows we are going to talk about yoga for pregnant women and see how it can help them, and which positions are suitable for someone in this condition. Although it is customer-friendly, certain Yoga positions are more difficult to accomplish, so they are not recommended in every circumstance. We advise you nevertheless to consult your personal doctor and see whether you are allowed to practice yoga, or even a professional yoga trainer to show you how to perform each position correctly and without risks.

Yoga for pregnant women can be especially useful in treating back pains, and keeping the spine aligned and straight. Most women suffer from this condition when pregnant, and yoga can help prevent or ameliorate it. Moreover, these positions can be effective in combating mood swings, stress, morning sickness and other limb cramps. Certain women become a little depressed because their bodies get bigger and bigger, and they are afraid they won’t be able to return to their normal dimensions after childbirth. Practicing yoga will help them maintain a firm and flexible body throughout the pregnancy, and it will reduce the stress of not exercising during this period.

That being said, here are some good exercises of yoga for pregnant women and what each of them helps with:

  • Vakrasna – Sit down, with your feet stretched in front of you and your spine straight. When you inhale, raise your arms in front of you at shoulder height, with the palms facing down; as you exhale, twist your waist towards the right, bringing your head and hands in the same direction. Make sure the lower part of your body doesn’t change position, and your feet are still straight. Swing your arms as much as you can and then, as you inhale, return to the initial position. Now repeat the same movement towards your left side. This twisted pose will help you stretch and exercise your arms, waist, neck and hands.
  • Utkatasana – Stand up with your feet apart, at about hip width. Inhale slowly and as you raise your heels, raise both arms at shoulder height, with palms facing down. Exhale in the same manner and bend your knees until you are in a squat pose, but still standing on your toes. You can lower yourself on your entire soles if you are unable to keep a balance. Inhale again and lift your self up, then exhale slowly and lower your arms.Repeat this pose a few times and you will exercise your thighs and pelvic muscles.
  • Konasana – Standing up, place your feet about 24 inches apart; inhale and lift your right arm stretching it upwards; lean towards your left side, and as you exhale return to a straight position and lower your hand. Repeat the movement with your left arm and you will control fat deposits on your waist and maintain your core flexibility.
  • Paryankasana – Lie on your back and keep your legs stretched in front of you. Bend your right knee and bring the heel close to your posterior; hold the position for a few moments, then stretch the leg back and repeat the movement with your left leg. This exercise will help maintain your abdominal muscles and those in your pelvic region.

These exercises of yoga for pregnant women will help you get through pregnancy easier, and they will prepare you for the actual birth and the period immediately afterwards. There are many other positions that you can try, and which can be easily found on the Internet, or you can go to special classes. Remember to maintain positive thinking and to focus on what is essential.

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