Workout Routines for Men

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It is generally easier for men to lose weight than it is for women; the male body is constructed so that it forms and tones muscles easily, so a bit of sustained effort is enough to get any man in good shape. If, however, you want to look spectacular, there is a bit more work ahead of you than just going to play football or basketball with the mates a couple of times a week. You should keep active no matter what, but real progress demands real work, and this is what we aim to give you a structure for in our workout routines for men.

The following workout routines for men that we have prepared for you are suitable for a four-week workout, after which you can either increase the number of sets and repetitions or start looking for new and more challenging exercises and routines. You have to keep in mind that the body needs constant challenge if there is to be progress, so no matter what path you choose you have to come up with something new every month, or every couple of months.

This routine is comprised of a few exercises that you have to alternate between; thus, you will perform one set of each exercise and then, after a pause of one or two minutes, repeat the sets again, until you’ve performed at least three sets. If you like, you can only perform this routine three times a week and use a different routine for the other two, or just keep doing this every day.

  • Barbell deadlift – Stand up in front of a barbell and grab it with palms facing inward; bend down and grab the barbell, stretching your legs and then bending your elbows to bring the barbell to your chest; lower the arms and then bend the knees again. Perform three sets of five repetitions each for the first few weeks.
  • Chin-up pull-ups – Grab a lift bar with your palms facing forward; you should make sure that the bar is at least one foot taller than you, so there is a more ample movement. Interlock your ankles and as you bend your elbows lift yourself until your chin reaches the bar. Perform three sets of eight repetitions each.
  • Barbell split squats – Grab a barbell and make sure the weight is neither too light nor too difficult for you; have someone help place it on your shoulders so that it is well balanced and won’t fall and hurt you. Put your right foot forward and bend it at 90 degrees, going up and down with the barbell on your shoulders. Do the same with your other leg, and perform three sets of eight repetitions for each of them.
  • Dumbbell shoulder press – Grab a medium-sized dumbbell; stand straight up with your feet slightly apart. Bend your elbow and bring the dumbbell next to your shoulder; now start pushing upwards until your arm is fully stretched; three sets of eight repetitions should be performed for each arm.
  • Cable face pull – Stand in front of a cable pull and grab it with both hands; make sure the weight are appropriate for you. Now start pulling on the cable, but bend towards the right and then towards the left as you do so. This exercise will target your shoulder and upper back muscles, and they should be performed in three sets of eight repetitions.
  • Barbell roll-out – Place a barbell in front of you and kneel before it; place both hands on the handles and interlock your feet in the air, finding stability in your knees. Now start rolling the barbell in front of you as much as you can without losing balance, and then bring it back in the initial position. This exercise will do wonders on your stability, core strength, abdominal muscles and equilibrium, and you should perform three sets of 12 repetitions each time.

This is truly one of the best workout routines for men, and it focuses mostly on the upper part of the body; if you feel there are areas that were left out you can alternate and perform different exercises two or even three times a week. Unfortunately you have to go to the gym in order to have access to all this equipment, but we’re sure you can find the time to do so if you really want it.

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