What Should I Bring with Me to the Gym?

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First-time gym users have trouble making a list of the items they must take along for training. If you find yourself in this situation, chances are you are confused. You might wonder, aside from a pair of training trousers and a shirt, what else should you consider buying when training at a public gym? Should you have a look at the best gym backpacks, perhaps get a new pair of high-end sneakers, or should you take your own dumbbells with you? Packing your gym essentials shouldn’t be so confusing and stressful, as long as you decide what is really important to have around while training. We will help you pick the most important gym equipment so that you will have everything you need at reach.

Reasons to go to the gym

You might think that exercising at home should be enough for staying in shape and even losing a few pounds. We won’t totally disagree with that, but we can state that a gym membership brings multiple welfares you won’t enjoy while training at home.

  • First of all, you will have a wide range of gym gear at your disposal, something that is unlikely to happen if you exercise at home. Treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical bike, weights, bench presses, dumbbells, resistance bands, stretching areas, you name it; they will be there, ready for you to try them.
  • The second advantage is that you will get to exercise in an organized space, without distractions, so the results will be more rapid to show. From the moment you get there until you leave, you will have the chance to exercise based on a schedule and it will be easier for you to set and accomplish a goal.
  • If the gym has a personal trainer, you can enjoy helpful advice and even a personalized workout plan based on your goals. It’s much simpler to follow the indications of an expert who knows exactly what muscles are targeted by each type of equipment and which are the safe and correct training methods.

Now that we have convinced you how beneficial it can be going to the gym, it’s time you find out what you need to take with you.

Mandatory items

  • Workout apparel

It’s important to pick quality clothing items, made of natural fibers that feel comfortable and don’t restrict your movements. Sports brands are the most appropriate for gym use, so turn your attention to gym equipment specially designed for the job. This doesn’t mean that you have to break your budget, it only means that you must shop wisely and only for qualitative items that will resist intense use. Here is what you need to shop for:

  1. A generous gym backpack
  2. A pair of comfy sneakers
  3. Two pairs of leggings/ shorts
  4. Two t-shirts
  5. A headband
  •  Water

You must remain hydrated during the workout so that you will prevent risky overexerting situations. Never leave home to the gym without a generous bottle of water, a reusable one, preferably. Every time you feel thirsty, take a break, and have a sip and you will remain safe and will enhance the results of your workout.

  • Cleansing wipes

We assume that the gym you are attending has serious hygiene rules that are sacredly followed, but being precautious won’t hurt.  A pack of cleansing wipes will help you keep your hands clean after using a gym machine and you can even wipe the handles or seats that are touched by others before you.

  • Towel

There is no way you can get through a workout without a towel to remove the excess sweat. Take a medium-size one, with a soft and quality fiber that will absorb moisture and will keep you comfortable while you break a sweat.

  • Shower essentials

If the gym has a shower and you plan to use it, you will need a bottle of shampoo and a shower gel. If you want to skip this step but still want to look good after sweating, dry shampoo and deodorant will do the trick until you get home and take a good shower.


  • Headphones

Music makes everything more pleasant and fun, so make sure you take your iPod and headphones with you. Play your favorite music and the effort won’t seem so excruciating.

  • Fitness tracker

To keep track of your evolution and target specific body training, a fitness tracker might come in handy, especially if you are not sure which are the steps you need to take during a fitness session.

  • Weighted clothing

If you want to sweat more and increase your training results, you might want to add a weighted vest or a set of ankle weights to your gym bag.

  • Snacks

You might feel the urge to have a bite between two sets of squats, so make sure you toss a protein bar in your backpack or a bag of nuts. These are healthy snacks that will give you the necessary energy to make it to the end of the gym session.

What not to bring with you

To avoid unnecessary packing, it’s useful to know which are the items that you might carry around for nothing. Bringing your training aids with you is a poor idea, considering that the gym will supply everything you need for a complete fitness session. Items like resistance bands, dumbbells, or gloves are not something of utmost importance.


When first packing for a gym session, you might get carried away and invest in useless items that you will eventually not use. On the other hand, it would be unpleasant to arrive at the gym and discover you are missing something you need. To avoid impulse shopping and stacking your backpack with unnecessary stuff while overlooking the important ones, it’s best to analyze what you will surely need for training. Aside from gym apparel, a towel, and a bottle of water, other things might turn out to be useless.