Weight Loss Tricks

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There is no “one” answer for losing weight; people are different and they react differently to various methods of losing weight, whether they’re diets or exercising. There are, however, certain weight loss tricks that you can employ in order to help and encourage your body to start losing weight. We do have to mention that perhaps not all of them will work for everyone, but we are certain that some of them will give you results.

The following weight loss tricks have been tried by other people and they proved to be successful; but you shouldn’t expect them to perform miracles. Combining them with an active life and a balanced diet will surely help towards achieving your goals, and you will definitely be healthier and fitter.

  • Take multivitamins – Although they shouldn’t be taken like supplements, popping one multivitamin a day can decrease your hunger and balance your eating habits. Certain studies have shown that obese people taking a vitamin a day lost more weight than those receiving a placebo pill; an explanation for this could be that over-eaters are also trying to complete certain nutrient needs that the body requires. You’ve all probably noticed that sometimes you feel like eating salty foods, other times you crave for sweet foods, or alternate between cravings for vegetables or meat. This may be because the body asks for what it needs. Moreover, vitamins never harmed anyone, on the contrary; try them yourself, but do discuss it with your personal physician beforehand.
  • Sit strategically – When you’re at a table eating with your family, or in a restaurant, at a wedding, at a celebration, choose to stay closer to the end of the table. This is because the snacks, bread, aperitifs and sweets are usually spread out in the middle of the table; sitting away from them will discourage you from snacking so much between meals. It may not prevent you from snacking at all, but you will do it less than before. And if the craving is just too much, grab a crunchy fruit, or some carrot sticks.
  • Subscribe to a newsletter – Choose a health magazine or an organization that sends daily or weekly newsletters with healthy tips and advice; by reading about losing weight and being fit every day, you will feel more encouraged to change your lifestyle and start exercising and living well. Furthermore, in all that information about healthy living you might just find advice that really works for you and that motivates you.
  • Get a good night’s sleep – When we don’t get enough sleep our bodies feel more depleted of energy, which we in turn may confuse for hunger and thus eat more. A study conducted on mice showed that those who slept with dim lights ate more and irregularly, whereas those sleeping in total darkness ate normally and regularly. If you are in the habit of sleeping with the TV on, or with a night-light, try changing that and see whether it also affects your eating habits for the better.
  • Stop feeling guilty – If you are on a strict diet and you interrupt it with a high calorie meal, don’t beat yourself about it; it is known that many overweight dieters have eating disorders, and some eat out of stress. If you are stressed about ruining your diet with a couple of doughnuts, you are even more likely to do it again and then become too stressed and depressed to ever diet. Just move on and try to do better from now on; abstaining from all eating pleasures is never recommended, just try not to do it for the wrong reasons.
  • Stay less in front of the computer or TV – People watch too much television nowadays, or spend hours on end in front of the computer. This means they lead mostly sedentary lives, so it’s natural the body gains weight. If you try to reduce your TV hours, you will find you suddenly have some free time on your hands; when that happens, certain people become restless, and they feel the need to do something. Whether you clean the windows, mop the floor or walk down to the market, it’s still a lot better than sitting on your behind. And who knows, you might even start a small workout routine.

Like we said before, these simple weight loss tricks are not miracle performers, but they can change your life for the better and encourage you to achieve your goals. Keep in mind that every new thing seems difficult in the beginning, but if you insist and have patience you can get used to the change and actually end up embracing it.

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