The Best Bicep Workout

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Working those biceps makes your arms stronger, it improves your posture and thus protects you from back pains, whether they are from physical work or other medical reasons. Both men and women should pay attention to this area of their bodies, though women shouldn’t insist on it too much, unless they too wish to have a very muscular body. In that case, we advise them not to neglect other areas of the body, otherwise their arms and shoulders will be too broad and muscular for the rest of their bodies. In what follows we are going to show you the best bicep workout that combines the most effective exercises.

Men will love the best bicep workout because it is mainly made for them, perfect for isolation exercises. This workout requires some equipment, so you must be careful what weights you chose to lift. If you will perform it at the gym, ask a trainer to help you choose your weights, and to show you how to perform them correctly. Do some stretching and warm-up before any kind of physical effort, otherwise you risk injury.

  • Standing barbell curl – Stand up with your feet slightly apart; grab a barbell that features underhand grip, so you have better control over it. Your palms should be facing outwards; tighten your arms and without moving your upper arms, lift the barbell towards you. Don’t rush the movements lifting, nor when you lower it, so the exercise is more exerting. That way you’ll get more out of it. Remember it is better to choose a lighter weight that you can control better, rather than heavier weights.
  • Standing dumbbell curl – Stand up in the same position as before; in each hand, palms facing toward you, hold a dumbbell. Moving only your forearms, lift both dumbbells at the same time, rotating your hands so your palms face upward when you reach your shoulders. The same advice as before is recommended, otherwise you’ll be inclined to use momentum in order to lift and lower the weights and the exercise won’t offer you all that it should.
  • Dumbbell hammer curl – This exercise is similar to the one before; you are standing in the same position only this time, as you lift the dumbbells, you keep your palms facing each other. Remember it is important you only use your forearms to perform this exercise, and to hold the position for a second when you reach shoulder height. Repeat this at least ten or fifteen times, even more if you are advanced.
  • Incline dumbbell curl – In order to perform this exercise you will also need access to a workout bench; it must be inclined at about 45 degrees, with your head facing upwards. Lie on your back on the bench and make sure your torso is aligned, your head well supported and your feet resting on the ground. Grab a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing inward. Lift the dumbbells towards your shoulders moving only your forearms and lower them slowly. It is recommended you use lighter weights for this exercise because it forces your resistance more than others.
  • Preacher curl – For this exercise you need to be sitting at the preacher bench. Rest your hands on the pad with palms facing upward and have someone hand you a barbell. Lift it towards your shoulders, and then lower it until your arms are straight. Repeat the movement for a number of preset repetitions and then have your partner take it away from your hands.

These simple exercises are part of the best bicep workout anyone can get; indeed you will need various pieces of equipment and a trainer or partner to help out, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you go to a gym. If, however, you have your own gym at home with all the equipment you need, we advise you to avoid performing alone those exercises that require assistance. You risk injuring yourself badly, and then your bicep workouts will be delayed.

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