The Best Bicep Exercises for Men

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The biceps are very important group muscles, because they can increase our strength exponentially, even if the rest of the body is not that well developed. Men are obviously more interested in this than women, just as they are in gaining weight in order to turn it into muscle. In order to help those who want to improve their arm muscles, we’ve prepared a list with what we believe are the best bicep exercises. They are mainly intended for men, but women can perform them as well, by opting for less repetitions, or fewer sets of exercises. Because these exercises also involve weight lifting, women are recommended to choose the appropriate weights, otherwise they won’t be able to perform them correctly.

Some people suggest that the best bicep exercises are the classical ones, like the push-ups, but the truth is without weights progress is slow, and can only go so far. That being said, here is what we recommend you try from now on:

  • The barbell bicep curl – This exercise is ideal not only for muscle build-up, but especially for strength increase; choose a barbell with weights that aren’t too light or too heavy for you, and stand straight with your feet slightly apart. The barbell is held with palms up, and the exercise is performed by lifting it to your chest. While you perform the repetitions, focus on your breath and make sure you keep the momentum steady, without relying on it to do the hard parts. Keep the movement as ample as you can and try not to speed up things, otherwise the momentum will do all the hard work for you and there won’t be any progress.
  • The incline dumbbell curl – When it comes to finding the best bicep exercises, few are as effective as this one, partly because it prevents that momentum from happening. For the incline dumbbell curl, it is okay to opt for lighter weights, because the positioning makes the movement more difficult. Thus, you are supposed to lie back on an incline bench, with your head slightly higher than the rest of the body, and the feet firmly on the ground. In each hand hold a dumbbell with your palms upwards; bring the weight towards your shoulder and alternate between hands.
  • The cable curl – This exercise is great because it requires more stabilization and equilibrium on your part, so you are forced to use deep tissue muscle fibers. Moreover, you engage muscles like the pectorals and other back muscles as well.
  • The reverse grip row – To perform this exercise, choose a barbell with the appropriate weight and stand up; bend your back and come slightly forward, while you hold the barbell with palms facing up. As you stand in this bent position, start bringing the barbell towards your chest; depending on how you focus your movements, both your biceps and back muscles are engaged, and you gain in equilibrium.

In our experience, these are the best bicep exercises anyone can try, although some would like to introduce the concentration curls as well. If you feel your workout is not complete and you could handle more, perform this exercise as well, which implies you sit on a bench with a dumbbell in one hand, and the other resting on your leg. Bring your hand between your knees and start lifting towards the shoulder, watching the biceps as they contract. Perform these exercises five times a week and results will start showing.

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