The Advantages of Pilates for Men

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When they hear about Pilates, people usually think that it is a sport for women because it doesn’t exert the body as much as weight lifting or machine workouts. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially since the inventor of the practice was a man. His name was Josef Pilates and, having suffered from rickets and asthma as a child, he continued to be interested in improving and strengthening the body throughout his life. There are many advantages of Pilates for men because this type of workout can be practiced in various ways, at different levels of difficulty.

It is known that one of the best advantages of Pilates is that it strengthens the core and improves flexibility. The latter characteristic is something lots of men struggle with, because their bodies are built differently; those men who want to be flexible have to either start very young and keep practicing for the rest of their lives, or they can pick up a sport or activity that favors flexibility. This is one of the reasons why Pilates for men is just as useful as it is for women, and it can turn any sedentary person into an athletic and dynamic human being. Pilates also helps with balance and equilibrium, which is why many male athletes or dancers have employed it to this effect.

Pilates for men is also beneficial because it has a different approach than most workouts for men, which usually focus on certain muscle groups at a time. With Pilates, everything starts from the core but spreads to the rest of the body, engaging different parts of it into exercising. Furthermore, for men who are mainly interested in body building and strength formation, Pilates can be used as an in-between workout for sustained effort. This means that professionals or serious amateurs can practice certain Pilates positions between weight lifting, thus allowing them to continue exercising without becoming exhausted too fast.

Pilates can also be practiced with the help of specialized equipment and machinery, which means men can increase the level of difficulty for this exercise. There are balls, weights, benches, chairs, barrels, towers, reformer tables and so on. Therefore, Pilates for men can be just as exerting as weight lifting or other forms of exercising men usually practice. In fact, certain levels of Pilates can only be done with the help and counsel of an accredited Pilates instructor, which goes to show this workout model is not as simple as many believe. There are all the right reasons to convince men they should practice Pilates, especially since it works both the body and mind, aligning them for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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