Ten Useful Exercise Tips

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One of the most difficult aspects of working out and exercising is finding and keeping your motivation. This can seem impossible, especially if you have to lose a lot of weight or if becoming fit requires a lot of effort and sacrifices. One way of getting out of this demoralizing vicious circle is to find some things and ideas to inspire you and give you strength to carry on. In order to help you do this, we’ve come up with some exercise tips that you can apply immediately and make progress.

1. Perform activities you like – The most important of exercise tips is to find ways of exercising without feeling like you’re doing too much work. Thus, you can start making a daily or weekly hobby out of bike riding, dancing, taking long walks, gardening, or playing relaxing sports like soccer, basketball or volleyball. What matters is that you do something you enjoy and that leaves you feeling relaxed, but weary.

2. Divide your workout time – If you’ve decided to set up a workout routine but you don’t have the time to perform it entirely, apportion it into two or three sessions a day. You can do ten or fifteen minutes of exercising in the morning, at noon and/or in the evenings, and in a few weeks’ time you will notice the differences.

3. Partner up – Finding a friend to exercise with you will help motivate you, because you will reflect each other’s effort and be able to support each other and act like a reflexive incentive. Moreover, you can help each other with certain types of exercises like crunches, and give each other exercise tips.

4. Exercise at work – This may seem impossible, especially if you have a desk job, but there are certain exercises you can perform while sitting. Thus, you can work out your buttocks by straining them, or you can stretch your joins by placing an ankle on the opposite knee and pressing down.

5. Walk the walk – There are no better exercise tips than maximizing the time you spend walking; give up on taking the bus when you can, or when you need to run errands. If you have a dog, take it for daily walks and let it drag you for a short run now and then when it gets excited.

6. Remember the stairs – Take the stairs each time you have the choice, even if you have to go as high as ten stories. This will improve leg musculature, resistance and breath control.

7. Walk your lunch – If you can take your lunch outdoors, pack something light like a sandwich once or twice a week and take relaxing walks while you eat. This will help digestion and reduce the calorie intake.

8. Use inactive moments – Use the time you spend in front of the television watching movies to work out certain body groups. For example, you can use dumbbells or barbells to exercise your biceps, arms and shoulders while also watching your favorite program.

9. Start an exercise log – If you’re already keeping a journal, write down what you did each day to maintain and exercise your body.  Everything is important, even a short walk, and it will make you feel like you’ve progressed.

10. Take a reward – Those who really need to lose weight are also those who need motivation. Weigh yourself every week, or every couple of weeks and if you’ve made progress reward yourself with a new kitchen robot for healthy foods, or some fitness equipment.

These exercise tips should help you find the inner strength to maintain your workout routines, but you can also create your own tips or incentives depending on your personality.

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