Simple and Effective Pectoral Exercises

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Whether you’re a man or a woman, taking care of your pectoral area is very much recommended. By having strong pecs you can increase your strength and resistance and have an overall better and healthier body. Of course, women shouldn’t place too much importance on this – except to keep fit and toned – , but men can insist and increase their chest area a bit. The following pectoral exercises are recommended to both groups, but we must stress once again that women shouldn’t exaggerate with these exercises if they want to keep a feminine shape. Ladies, choose smaller weights and don’t focus an entire workout routine just for that.

As for the men, their trainers often recommend targeted workouts, meaning you focus each workout on a different body area such as the upper body, the legs, the torso and so on. Lifting weights is very good for men, but they shouldn’t exaggerate either, unless they want to participate in bodybuilding competitions. That being said, here are some of the pectoral exercises we recommend:

  • Barbell bench press – This exercise is best performed at the gym, and always with someone next to you, supervising. Lie back on the bench and find a balance; keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and grab the barbell with both hands at equal distance. Lower it to your chest without letting it rest there, and start pushing upwards. This is a very difficult exercise, which is why you must make sure the barbell isn’t heavier than you can take.
  • Dumbbell bench press – You can perform this exercise at home as well if you have the dumbbells. Lie on your back like before, holding a dumbbell in each hand this time. Lift both hands carefully and bring the dumbbells above your shoulders. Now push them up and stretch out your arms; perform 15-20 repetitions and repeat the set throughout your chest routine.
  • Push-ups – These are the most basic and yet some of the most effective pectoral exercises and anyone can get to performing them correctly. If you are a woman and can’t perform normal push-ups, sit on all fours with your palms down and your knees wider than hip-width; lift your heels so you’re just resting on your knees and palms. As you keep your back straight, bend your elbows and go up and down like this; you are performing easy push-ups while lifting only 30-40% of your body weight. As for the men, we encourage them to try explosive push-ups; this means that when you lift yourself up from the push-up, push as hard as you can into your arms and try to clap with your palms in the air.

Other pectoral exercises are generally variations of the above exercises, varying in movement or weight, or the gym machine you use. For those who want fast and effective results, we recommend you take a personal trainer to fix up a special routine just for you; however, while you focus on your pecs don’t ignore other muscle areas if you want a harmonious body.

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