Muscle Fitness Workouts

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Men have it much easier than women when it comes to bodybuilding and musculature shaping. Their bodies are created to form muscles, but in order to do that you need to create a fitness routine that works all the segments of your body, keeping you lean and fit. There are numerous muscle fitness workouts that men can perform, and we’re going to present you an example in this article. However, you can change the steps of the routine, and add or remove exercises depending on what part of your body you want to pay more attention to. Furthermore, if you really want muscle build-up, go to the gym or invest in your own equipment, otherwise the results won’t come as quickly as you expect them to.

All muscle fitness workouts and exercises should start with a thorough warm-up. This is especially important for men because their bodies aren’t as flexible and they make a lot more effort, which can lead to serious injury. The types of warm-ups that we recommend for each day are rope-jumping for at least ten minutes, ten-minute sprints, or twenty minutes’ worth of cardiovascular exercising. In order to make good progress, you should combine cardio with weightlifting every day, while also focusing on certain muscle segments.

Since each day of your muscle fitness workouts should emphasize resistance of certain muscle groups, decide what you’re going to start with. For example, the first day could focus on legs and shoulders; thus, after warm-up, you can perform sets and repetitions of leg presses, dumbbell sumo squats, dumbbell step-ups and machine leg curls, which should be interrupted by exercises for the shoulders, like dumbbell shoulder presses, dumbbell side raises, and dumbbell front raises. Alternate them in order to avoid exhaustion, and if you want to take breaks replace them with 30 seconds of rope jumping.

Another day of the muscle fitness workouts you create could focus on the back and chest. The recommended exercises for these muscles are barbell bench presses, lat pull-downs, push-ups, cable rope pull-overs or mid cable flies. Choose another day to focus on your legs, biceps and triceps by performing exercises such as body weight jump squats, close grip push-ups, standing calf raises, triceps cable pressdowns, or dumbbell hammer curls. The fourth day could focus on chest and shoulders, and you already know what type of exercises fit in here. The last and fifth day should work the back, triceps and biceps.

Remember that you have to begin each workout with cardiovascular exercising, and that jumping rope is a good way of maintaining a rhythm while avoiding to become exhausted. If you are thinking that we’ve not mentioned abdominal workout so far, it is because you should focus on this area each day of the workout. Kneeling cable crunches and stability ball crunches are the types of exercises with best results. Follow these steps each workday and you’ll be able to see the differences in matters of weeks.

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