Muscle Fitness and Weight Gain for Men

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Men workout differently than women do, and their goals are also generally different. While women often prefer to lose weight and tone their bodies, men are also interested in increasing and defining their muscles, and improving their strength. Luckily for them, their bodies are constructed in such a way that muscle gain is relatively easy; however, this doesn’t apply to everyone, and some find it more difficult than others to do this. Men who are born with a slimmer body can have a lot of trouble gaining weight, especially if they want to do it the right way. In order to help you, we have a few tips about muscle fitness and weight gain for men; they will teach you what to eat, or how to exercise in order to develop your body beautifully.

When it comes to muscle fitness, what you eat is very important, otherwise results won’t show and you’ll just be gaining weight in the wrong places. When you eat is also important, and there are many other considerations as well, as you are about to see:

  • Increase your calorie intake – If you want to start building muscles, you need to increase the number of calories you eat daily; this means you have to start reading the labels on foods, and learn about the number of calories a meal can have. After you’ve determined about how many calories you consume daily, add 500 more on top of them every day. Your goal should be to gain about one gram of protein for each pound of body weight you gain. However, it shouldn’t be necessary to mention that this should only happen in combination with a steady workout schedule that you respect daily.
  • Avoid too much cardio – No matter what your fitness program is, avoid doing too much cardio because it is especially made for weight loss, so you would be counteracting. What you can do is perform jogging, or running on the treadmill for 30 minutes at a time, but no more than two days a week. Moreover, you can also add a bit of weight training to your cardio. For example, if you buy one of the top rated ankle weights, you will have more chances to build your leg muscles while jogging. Choose a product with adjustable weights, so that you can start with small weights and add more weight as you get stronger.
  • Reduce repetitions – This may also sound counterproductive to muscle fitness, but as long as you still exercise, the weight won’t turn into fat, but into muscle. The reason you are supposed to reduce the repetitions is so that the body doesn’t eliminate as many calories; so if your repetitions were about 20 per set, try to reduce them even to 12. Moreover, a full workout shouldn’t last more than 45 minutes while you are trying to build muscle.
  • Choose a type of workout – The best ways for men to exercise are to either do a full-body workout – like running, swimming or practicing kick-boxing – , or to go for a split routine, where they focus on the upper part of the body one day, and on the lower part on the other, alternating between them. Thus, it is better to focus on groups of muscles, and not a single muscle at a time; choose exercises which engage more muscles, such as squats, pull-ups, rows or deadlifts.
  • Don’t forget to stretch – This is very important, especially when you work for muscle fitness, because it prevents you from injuring yourself and ensures that your muscles will grow elongated and beautiful.

These are the tips and advice we have for muscle fitness and weight gain for men; if you introduce them all to your workout routine, you should be able to start seeing results soon. Do not underestimate the power of a weighted west or some top rated ankle weights. Even if they are not very heavy, weighted pieces of clothing can help you build muscles a lot faster, especially if they are combined with a proper diet. No matter what you do however, protect your health and never to anything that might damage it, such as taking steroids or supplements for muscle growth.

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