Leg Workouts for Men

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The legs can be exercised in various ways, the most common of methods being jogging; this practice is recommended to everyone because it ultimately exercises the entire body, leaving the muscles lean and flexible. Yet men who also want to increase their musculature have to try targeted workouts that focus on certain muscle groups, so if you want to have strong and powerful legs we have a few leg workouts for men that you might be interested in trying.

Remember that you have to change your workout routine from time to time, otherwise your body gets used to the same intensity and progress is either stopped or delayed. If you’ve already been working your legs for a while you may feel the need for some change, and these leg workouts for men are a real challenge. They are not very easy to perform, so we advise you to be careful and do some warming up before starting.

  • Zercher squats – This particular exercise is great not only for your legs, but for your back, hips and hamstrings as well. Find a barbell with reasonable weight and hold it in the bend of your arms, sort of like cradling it. If you find it difficult to stabilize it, ask someone to help and place it in your arms. Your legs should be slightly wider than hip width; now hold the barbell steady and bend your knees, making sure your back is straight. Perform two or three sets of ten repetitions.
  • Bulgarian split squat – Grab a barbell and position yourself with your back to a bench; facing a mirror could help because then you could observe your movements and thus make sure you keep your balance. Put the barbell behind your back on your shoulders and place your foot back, on the bench. Now bend your knee at ninety degrees and go back up again. This is one repetition, and you should perform at least 5 or 8 on each leg, for at least two or three sets.
  • Donkey calf raise – Stand in front of a chair or a higher bench, so you have something to grip for stability. Your arms should then be at about hip width, and for the exercise to be really efficient you need to carry weight. This can either be done with a weight belt, or by carrying someone on your back, like Arnold used to do with several women. Then, standing in that position, lift your heels to workout those stubborn glutes. If you want the exercise to be more challenging, try lifting one leg at a time.
  • The Bow – Grab an easier barbell and place it on your shoulders, holding it with both hands; now, keeping your back and legs straight, bend forward as much as you can and return to the initial position. This exercise will work the entire back area of your legs, improving your hamstring flexibility and shaping your glutes. A variant of this exercise can be performed by holding a dumbbell in both hands stretched in front of you, then bending all the way down and up again.

As you can see, there are many new, interesting and challenging leg workouts for men, and they can easily be included in anyone’s workout routine. Women too can perform some of these exercises if they choose lighter weights and perform fewer repetitions, but all in all these exercises are effective and good.

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