Kickboxing Workout for Muscle Toning

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Kickboxing is one of the most dynamic sports; it requires all the strength, balance, flexibility and concentration of the performer, which is why it is a great form of exercising even for non-professionals and athletes. Both men and women can perform it and benefit not only from its fitness qualities, but from those qualities that educate the mind and thought as well. That is why we thought of introducing you to a simple and basic kickboxing workout that will show you what to deal with.

This kickboxing workout requires special equipment, so we recommend you start by going to a gym, where a professional trainer can show you how to prepare for a kickboxing session and how to perform each exercise correctly. You will need to do some warming up beforehand and to wear the proper training gear. Here are some of the exercises we recommend for your kickboxing workout.

  • The Jab – This is a fundamental kickboxing movement; stand up, with your feet slightly apart and your right foot in the front. Keep a relaxed but tense position and lift your fists in front of your face. Because your right foot is in the front, you have to punch with your right fist. Try doing this as fast as possible, because the jab is like a surprise attack on your imaginary opponent’s nose. You arm needs to be extended straight, at the same height as your shoulder. Punch a few times in the air, and then switch to the left leg, twisting your hips, and jab, jab jab with your left fist.
  • The Cross – You’re standing much like before, only this time you’re supposed to punch with the opposite arm. If your right foot is in front, punch with your left fist, moving from your foot, knee and hip to your shoulder and then your fist, so you get momentum for the punch. You fist needs to be horizontal at the moment of “impact” with your opponent’s nose. Because the cross has to start from your hips so you get more power, you need to contract your core and use its strength. You will see that although all this seems easy, actually coordinating your body and throwing a correct punch is quite difficult. But you must keep insisting, and remember to switch to the other hand as well.
  • The Hook – For this punch you need to perform a circular motion, like you were trying to punch the cheek or ear of an adversary. Place your left foot forward in a fighting stance; turn all you left side engaging all your muscles and push your fist forward, keeping your arm at shoulder height. Go back to your initial position and then repeat the movement; do the same with your other arm and body.
  • The Front Kick – Very representative of kickboxing, the front kick is a great exercise to tone your lower body. Yet it is essential you do some stretching beforehand, otherwise you could twist some muscles. Stand in the fighting position with your left foot in front. Keep your fists near your face and, moving your weight on the right leg, kick with the left one right in front of you. Try to raise it as much as possible, and as straight as possible. Return to fighting stance and then repeat the movement; do the same with your right leg.
  • The Side Kick – Stand in the same fighting stance, with your left foot forward. Turn your hips a bit to the right and your right foot’s toes slightly outward; your fists are up near your face. Now lift your left knee towards your chest, and pushing with your heel, extend your foot to the right. Try to repeat the movement, but faster this time; this particular kick is the strongest, because it uses a lot of force, much of which is given by your glutes. It may be a bit more difficult to keep your balance on your left side, but if you continue to repeat you will get much better at it.

As you can see, this simple kickboxing workout can help you work various areas of the body; these particular exercises didn’t require any equipment because they are basic and they are mainly meant for those who are just getting acquainted with the sport. When you master these positions, you can move to kicking punching bags and who knows, maybe even real adversaries.

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