How to Lose Inner Thigh Fat

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One of the worst things that can happen to a woman is to be prevented from wearing short skirts because her legs are not well toned. The inner thigh area is one of the most difficult to reach areas, and you have to find the right exercises that target those muscles. Starting leg exercises or running, swimming and all that will make your legs supple and beautiful, but your inner thighs still won’t be as toned as the rest of the body. That is why we are going to show you how to lose inner thigh fat.

With the following exercises and practices, anyone will be able to learn how to lose inner thigh fat with a few simple exercises you can perform at home. Find ten or fifteen minutes for them in your day and you will see improvements in just a few weeks; however, remember that you should still try to stay off the sweets and sodas, or at least reduce them. Drink plenty water, as much as you can, and be active. The following exercises are effective and easy to perform and they borrow from various fields of fitness:

  • Sumo squats – Stand up with your legs slightly apart – about hip width; point the tips of your toes slightly outward so you gain more balance. Bend your knees and bring your glutes toward the floor, but remember to keep your back straight and avoid pushing your bottom towards the back. Repeat the movement ten or twenty times depending on your resistance.
  • Pilates inner thigh leg lift – Lie on one side, making sure your body is aligned and straight; contract your core and keep one leg stacked on top of the other. If you are laying on your right side, rest your head on your right arm and place the left in front of you, palm down. You legs should be stacked one on top of the other; now lift your left leg as high as you can and, maintaining your torso in position, lift the right leg as well, trying to touch the left one. Repeat this twenty times and then switch to the other side.
  • Second-position thigh strengthener – Stand up behind a piece of furniture that you can use to keep balance. Your legs should be parallel; bring your heels to touch each other and bend your knees until your hips and knees are at the same level with your thighs. In this position they should be parallel to the floor. If you can’t bend so much then work your way there; perform about 20-25 repetitions of this exercise.

These simple and effective exercises will teach you how to lose inner thigh fat and your legs will be more supple than ever. Combine them with exercises that target other important muscles as well and you’ve got a complete workout routine that you can perform in the comfort of your home, whenever you find the time.

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