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It can be difficult to keep in shape with all the responsibilities of daily life and the lack of free time. Parents or people who work long hours don’t even have the time to think about working out, and many people nowadays have sedentary jobs, which only adds to the problems. In what follows we are going to show you a few home workout routines that you can perform whenever you find the time. You will see that just by reserving ten or twenty minutes a day for exercising, your body and mind will be improved.

Before starting to exercise, remember that you need to perform every exercise as accurately as you can, and that you mustn’t take too much time in between series, otherwise the effort won’t count as much. It is also important to keep hydrated, so you can drink water during the workout as well. One of the first home workout routines that we recommend is the chair dip. Sitting on the edge of a stable chair, you place your hands next to your hips. You slide over the edge of the chair, keeping your hands firmly placed on the chair and bending your elbows at 90 degrees. You push yourself back up and repeat the same movement at least ten times, making sure your back is in a straight position.

This routine can be repeated as many times as you like or feel you can do it, by swapping with other routines. Another one of the home workout routines that we’ve chosen for you also involves a chair, because it is a piece of furniture everyone has access to and it allows for a variety of exercises. This time, you are standing in front of the chair with your back to it. Your legs should be spread at hip distance with your toes forward and your hands stretched in front of you. You bend your knees and make like you’re sitting on the chair, then immediately come back up again when your bottom touches the chair’s cushion.

This exercise should be repeated like the one before, and it will help you improve muscles in your back, legs and arms. In order to exercise your abdominal muscles, we’ve chosen one of the home workout routines that everyone can perform. It is called the butterfly abs and it involves you sitting on your back with the soles of your feet touching. Put your hands behind your back and keep your elbows as wide as you can. The next step is to tighten your abdominal muscles while raising your chest and shoulder.

Repeat this exercise like those mentioned above and you’ve got a short workout routine that you can call on whenever you have some spare time. These workouts will help fortify muscles all over your body and make you feel more relaxed and comfortable afterwards.

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