Fitness Plan for Women

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Keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not only important, but it is an investment for future health and well-being. We know that most people have trouble managing their free time and finding a balance between healthy habits and relaxation. This is why we’ve come up with a simple fitness plan for women that you can perform in the comfort of your own home, whenever you find some spare time. However, it would be best if you set up a daily exercising schedule, as this will help you maintain the effort and get you accustomed with a routine. Our plan is just as appropriate for men, but in such a case they should raise the number of repetitions.

The following five-day fitness plan for women will help work various muscle segments in your body each day, helping you focus on one issue at a time. However, indifferent of the groups of exercises you perform, remember that you always need to begin with a warm-up of the entire body.

Day One – Legs and Biceps

After the warm-up, start your workout session with a series of squats; you can choose any type of squats you prefer as long as you do them properly and repeat at least three series of ten repetitions. Now you can start on some exercises for legs and biceps, each of whom should be repeated the same number of times as the squats. Begin today’s fitness plan for women with some leg extensions and some leg curls, then follow up with some standing calf raises and barbell or dumbbell curls for each hand if you have the equipment.

Day Two – Chest and Shoulders

Start off today’s exercises with some cardiovascular exercising. You can find lots of examples and tutorials on the internet and create your own routine. This stage should last at least twenty minutes, perhaps even more if you can manage it. The next exercises should also be completed the same number of times as those from the first day, and most of them require the use of barbells: pectoral flies, dumbbell pullovers, and front and side dumbbell raises. You can also add any other shoulder exercises you can think of.

Day Three – Triceps and Back

Begin with warm-up or cardio exercising, or do a five-minute sprint to loosen and heat all your joints. The sets of exercises you have to do are: dumbbell rows – where your knee is resting on a chair and you’re sitting face down; lift the dumbbell raising the elbow at 90 degrees and repeat -, triceps kick-back with dumbbell and seated dips, where you use your hands to raise yourself from the ground.

Day Four – Legs and Biceps

Today you need to warm-up for at least ten minutes, and then perform the three sets with ten repetitions for the following exercises: ten lunges for each leg, seated calf raises, chin-ups, and preacher curls.

Day Five – Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

The last day of this fitness plan for women should start with at least ten minutes of cardiovascular exercising. This should be followed by flat bench press, decline bench press, overhead press, triceps kick-backs and overhead dumbbell extensions. Remember that you can add similar exercises for each day when you feel like you can handle more.


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