Exercises for Biceps

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The biceps are very important group muscles, and having toned arms is something every woman wants, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to wear sleeveless shirts confidently. It can also be quite difficult to tone your arms unless you perform targeted exercises, but luckily there are hundreds of them, so you can find a few that you like and that you can add to a bigger workout routine. And if you think your arms are just fine, try waving to an imaginary friend and you’ll see there might still be some work to do. With these exercises for biceps you will be able to have beautiful and strong arms.

Some of these exercises for biceps are great for men as well, even all of them perhaps; all you have to do is increase or decrease the weights and the number of repetitions. Keep in mind however that you have to push yourself and try something harder each time. Thus, you should try to make the exercises harder for yourself every few weeks, or even change them with others that the body isn’t yet used to. Here is what we recommend you begin with:

  • Seated barbell curl – Sit on an incline bench, with your back to the upper end; the bench should be facing a barbell rack, where you’ve previously placed the weights you want to use. Make sure your back is straight and your feet are on the ground, but slightly forward, where a partner would normally sit. Now grab the barbell at shoulder width, and lower it towards your lap. Without moving your upper arms too much and keeping your elbows back, lift the barbell towards your shoulders. Women should perform 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions, and men can double that.
  • Dumbbell scott curl – You will need a preacher bench and a dumbbell; position yourself behind the preacher bench and rest an armpit on the edge. Grab a dumbbell in this arm, and with the other grip yourself against the edge of the bench. Once you’ve found a stable position, start lifting the dumbbell towards your shoulder as high as you can; squeeze the bicep when you are up and then lower the weight slowly. The same number of repetitions should be done, except here it applies for each hand.
  • Lying cable curl – For this exercise, you will need to use a low pulley and a straight-bar attachment. If you don’t know how to do this, ask a trainer from the gym to help you out, and to advise you as to how much weight you can lift. So you attach the straight-bar to the low pulley. Sit on your bottom and grab the bar while you rest your feet on the bottom surface of the pulley, so you have some push; your legs should be hip-width. Lie on your back and, keeping your elbows stuck to your torso, pull the bar towards your chest; slowly lower it down and make sure your upper arms keep contact with the floor. We recommend the same number of repetitions.
  • Reverse-grip cable curl – You need to use the same machines as before, only this time you are standing up, and holding the bar with palms down. Perhaps the same weight as before doesn’t fit anymore, so you can try lifting less, or even more. Make sure you have a correct positioning; keep your back straight and your legs slightly apart and start lifting. Your elbows should always be aligned with your torso, and some of the lifting should be done by your forearms as well.

When it comes to discussing exercises for biceps, these four are among the most effective; we’ve placed them here as women’s exercises, but they are not really gender-biased. On the contrary, these are very difficult and effective exercises and we recommend them to anyone with access to a fully equipped gym.

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