Exercise Routine for a Flat Tummy

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Pretty soon summer will be here and it will be time to try on a new swimsuit again. In order to avoid feeling too embarrassed to go out in a bikini on the beach, you should start practicing a few simple exercises every day. You don’t even need to work that hard or spend hours in the gym, because you can achieve the same results at home. By creating a good and comprehensive exercise routine you can tone your body and look fabulous this summer.

In what follows we are going to present you an exercise routine that will help you achieve a flat tummy; by performing them at least five times a week you will get the confidence to wear anything, and especially those short blouses and those sexy two-piece swimming suits. Having flat abs will increase your confidence and you will feel much lighter and free to move and dress as you like, not to mention you’re helping your body remain healthy. Here is the short exercise routine we’ve chosen for you, and which you can practice after a good warm-up:

  • Wall push-ups – Regular push-ups are difficult if not impossible for most women, and it takes some training to develop the strength to perform them correctly. This is mainly because women don’t have as much strength in their arms, but this is an issue that can be rapidly resolved. One manner to work your way up there is by starting with wall push-ups. Stand in front of a wall and lift your hands forward, then adjust your distance so your palms can touch it; now bend your elbows and bring your whole body forward, while your feet are still planted on the ground. Keep your back straight and your body aligned, and tighten your abdomen to improve core strength.
  • Back squeeze – Stand up, with your feet slightly apart and bend your elbows, raising your forearms so that your body forms a “W”. With palms facing out, push your shoulders back, so your shoulder blades meet; hold that position for a few seconds, and then release and repeat at least ten times. This exercise improves your posture, so you’ll no longer slouch. While it works your back muscles, the back squeeze also helps flatten your abdominal muscles.
  • Modified plank – We’ve already presented the plank and the side plank in several articles, so you should know what the start-up position is. Sitting face down, rest your weight on your elbows and the tips of your feet; while the regular plank requires you to hold that position for 30 seconds with your back straight, the modified plank has a different purpose. From the normal position, lower your knees until they reach the floor; hold the position for 10 seconds, and then rest a few moments. Repeat this movement at least three times and you will have a beautiful flat belly in no time.

This simple exercise routine will help you achieve your goals of having an attractive abdomen; you can even combine these exercises with other body weight exercises and create a wholesome workout routine that can be performed in a maximum of thirty minutes daily. You can be your own gym and look just like you want to.

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