Effective Bicep Workouts for Men

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Some of the most important muscle areas of a man’s body are the biceps; every guy wants to be strong and muscular, but not everyone has the determination to work so hard in order to get them. In what follows we are going to how you some effective bicep workouts for men, so if you are interested in improving this area of your bodies you might think of trying them out.

If you do, then you should know that having strong biceps will increase your overall weight and allow you to take it to the next step where your training is concerned. These bicep workouts for men are hard but effective, so you should alternate between them and other targeted routines. Thus, you could use them to exercise a couple of days a week and reserve the rest of the days for legs, core, or whatever areas you wish to improve and train.

  • 21s – This is a very nice and challenging combo of exercises, and if you can perform it in one go, as it was intended, then you are truly a powerful or just very determined individual. Grab a barbell with a weight that is neither easy nor too challenging for you and hold it with palms facing forward. Lift the barbell from down there, halfway, counting seven times; then lift it from halfway all the way up over your head seven times and lastly from all the way down, lift it all the way up seven times. Like we said, this is difficult, but if you keep at it you will progress soon.
  • Hangover barbell curl – Kneel on an incline bench and rest your chest on the seat; let your hands fall on each side of the bench and grab a barbell, making sure you are well balanced. Your palms should be facing up and they should grab the barbell wider than shoulder width. Now start bending your elbows at 90 degrees and repeat the movement 10 or 12 times.
  • Inclined dumbbell curl – Lie back on an incline bench with your legs resting on the ground; grab a dumbbell in each hand. Here you can perform a couple of variations, such as the hammer curls, where you lift the dumbbells keeping your palms inwards, or the regular curls where you have to lift keeping your palms upward. Another variation is when you start lifting with your palms facing inward and turning them up as you reach maximum stretch.
  • Dumbbell curls on ball – The exercise ball can be a trusty ally for both men and women who want to exercise, and it can help for exercises working the entire body. For this particular exercise you need to be sitting on the ball, with your back straight and your legs apart for stability. Hold a dumbbell in each hand with palms facing each other; now lift both dumbbells at the same time, bending your elbows and twist your wrists mid-move so your palms are facing upward as you complete the movement. Perform two sets at least, with ten repetitions.
  • Pull-ups – This is a standard exercise for the chest and biceps, and it is also very much used in military training; if you have access to a bar in your gym, make sure it is at least one foot taller than you. Grab it slightly wider than shoulder width and pull yourself upwards, keeping close to the bar. You should be able to raise yourself until your chest reaches the bar, and repeat for at least two sets of ten repetitions.

As you can see, these bicep workouts for men can be really effective, and if you have already been working out the muscles in this area then you could try to replace older exercises with these. The body gets used to the same routine if we keep repeating it for weeks on end, so in order to surprise and challenge it we need to come up with new routines from time to time. Thus, these bicep workouts for men can be ideal if you want strong and muscular arms.

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