Easy Yoga Workout

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There are so many types of Yoga and Yoga exercises, and various forms each with a specific goal, that it can be difficult to decide what is the best for you. One solution is to go to a gym where they have Yoga classes, and ask the trainer to find what would be most appropriate for your condition. You can also find lots of information on the Internet about what Yoga really is, what it does and how it can help you; numerous tutorials and books are also available, and from them you can learn not only about the theory behind it, but how to perform the poses correctly and how to use them to your advantage.

You could also try our Yoga workout, which is easy enough for everyone to practice. This Yoga workout uses your body weight and it improves your posture, your flexibility and your state of mind. Practicing sports and being active is known for triggering a chemical process that makes you feel happier and more content with yourself. With Yoga, you combine these two elements perfectly, toning your body and pleasing your mind.

Try this easy Yoga workout and see how good you feel afterwards:

  • Seated meditation with hands in prayer – Sit down on your Yoga mat and cross your legs however you feel more comfortable: either stacked in front of each other, or one on top of the other. Straighten and lift your spine, pushing the crown of your head towards the sky. Breathe deeply and feel how your rib cage expands and contracts, and how your sitting bones push against the floor. Unite your hands in a prayer position and close your eyes. Focus on breathing and maintain this pose for a few minutes.
  • Seated twist – You continue the previous pose with this one, and this one will be followed by the next and so on, in a continuous flow of energy. As you’re sitting in the prayer position, twist your upper body to the right, and follow with your eyes. Put your left hand on your right leg, and the left hand behind you, on the floor. Inhale and exhale deeply, feeling your bones relax and your spine stretching. Switch to the other side and repeat the movement.
  • Seated side bends – You are in the seated position again; stretch your right arm to one side, at shoulder height, and your left arm up, above your head. Breathe deeply and feel your rib cage expand and contract. Switch to the other side and repeat the movement.
  • Cow/Cat pose – Stay on all fours, on your palms and knees, with your legs right beneath your hips and your hands beneath your shoulders. The tops of your feet have to be stretched on the floor. As you inhale, bend your back and bring your belly towards the floor and your eyes looking upwards. Spread your collarbone as much as you can and push your palms against the floor. Exhale and bend your back upwards, pushing it against the sky; you head goes towards the floor. You should repeat this pose five or ten times, alternating between positions.
  • Child pose – You are again on all fours; spread your knees wider than hip-width and make your toes touch. Keep your palms on the floor and walk them forward until you can put your forehead on the floor. Push your torso down until your hips are at a level with your heels and keep stretching and focusing on your breathing.

This is just a part of a larger Yoga workout that improves your balance and your flexibility. If you are not tired after this, you can search for more Yoga poses and incorporate them in your workout, or you can start over and repeat them.

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