Chest Workout Routines

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In the world of bodybuilding, any professional or serious amateur knows that the chest area is one of the most difficult segments of the body to sculpt; working out the chest also involves quite a lot of risks because of the nature of the exercises that have to be performed. Nevertheless, you cannot workout your entire body and overlook the chest, especially since it visibly improves your strength and resistance. The chest workout routines that we’re going to present will help you expand and strengthen your muscles; we know this area is important for most bodybuilders, because it also increases strength for other muscle groups, particularly the arms.

In order to have the chest you desire you just have to combine the followings chest workout routines, and the results will soon show. To begin with, you cannot continue with this endeavor unless you have the right equipment like barbells, dumbbells, bench presses, and so forth. Furthermore, certain exercises require the help of a partner, otherwise you endanger your health. This is why we recommend to always train with a friend, or at the gym where a trainer can guide you.

Although there are many types of exercises that target the chest as well, it is usually the equipment mentioned above that provides the best results. Using them smartly and carefully will improve your chest are, but you need to be aware that this may take longer than with other muscle groups. However, once you make enough advancements, you can learn how to utilize other types of exercises to target the chest muscles. That being said, you most beloved companion in your chest workout routines is going to be the bench press, because it features in many exercises.

1. Barbell bench press – In order to perform this exercise, you have to be laying back on the bench in a comfortable position, with your neck and head secure. With your feet firmly planted on the ground on each side of the bench, make sure you are in a fixed position. Now you can remove the bar from the bench and bring it to your chest. Using both hands, raise the bar as high as you can and repeat in a number of series and sets of your choice or ability.

2. Dumbbell bench press – This is fairly similar to the first exercise, except here the dumbbells allow you to practice a more localized workout because the weights are not tied together. This means that you’ll be able to bring them closer to the middle of the torso, but to control them better as well. You begin the exercise in the same position as before, with each weight hanging from your hands on the ground. Once you are well positioned, bring the dumbbells on your shoulders and lift them upwards. Repeat the exercise as you like.

3. Inclined bench press – The third of our chest workout routines is also similar to the first, only this time you need to use a bench that can be inclined. This position will exert more pressure on your muscles, precisely your pectorals, triceps and deltoids. Remember to keep your elbows tucked in, otherwise you may lose balance and drop the weights.

4. Declined bench press – Unlike the previous exercise, this one focuses more on the lower part of your chest; maintain the same attention for the elbows and try to keep a 45 degree between them and your flanks.

5. Explosive push-ups – Any kind of push-ups are ideal for the chest muscles, but these can be much more effective because they exert you more. Standing in the normal push-up position, push yourself against the floor with all your strength, trying to detach yourself from the floor. If you can do it, try clapping mid-air, as this will anchor even more group muscles.

Remember to perform these chest workout routines with the utmost care, and never without a comprehensive warm-up beforehand. Maintain a balanced diet and don’t overlook other areas of you body, and you’ll have a fit and healthy body in a matter of months.

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