Chest Exercises for Women

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A woman’s breast is made from both muscle and fat tissue; in its first years, a woman’s chest is normally gravity-defying, but as the years go and weight fluctuates, changes can occur in the chest area as well. While we do not recommend intensive weight lifting to women, there are numerous exercises they can perform in order to maintain or to tone their breasts. The following chest exercises for women have been carefully chosen to tone the female body without deforming it and making it too muscular.

The pectoral area is formed out of two muscles: pectoralis minor and pectoralis major. These chest exercises for women employ both those muscles and help you bring back those perky breasts. By creating a routine with them, you will be able to wear those low-cut or strapless blouses again without fearing something will slip out. We also encourage you to pay attention to other areas of the body as well, and to combine an active life with a balanced diet. The following routine is made such that you have to grant each exercise 60 seconds in which you try to perform as many repetitions as possible; don’t take any breaks between exercises.

  • Perky press-outs – Stand on all fours, meaning on your knees and palms. Your hands should be at shoulder-width and your legs at hip-width; keep your back straight and, having brought a towel, place it in front of you on the floor. Now grab the towel on both ends with each hand and contract your core; push your hands forward and bend from the hips, moving forward after the towel. Remember to keep your back straight and your arms stretched throughout.
  • Two-piece slide-outs – You begin in the same position as before; place a towel beneath your right arm and, as you bend your left elbow and lower your back without bending it, push your right hand with the towel to one side; come back up again and you’ve completed one repetition. Do as many as you can in one minute and then repeat the same exercise with your left hand.
  • Wax on, wax off – Sit in the normal push-up position, with your legs stretched, your back straight and your arms underneath your shoulders. Grab a towel with your right hand and start rotating it counter-clockwise for about 30 seconds; rotate clockwise for 30 seconds and focus on tightening and contracting the pectoral muscles. When you’re done move to the other hand and perform the same exercises.

This simple and easy routine of chest exercises for women doesn’t require any special equipment and you can squeeze it in your schedule whenever you find the time. And as a bonus, try this exercise whenever you get a spare minute: standing up straight, lift your elbows at shoulder height and cup your palms; now start pushing each palm into the other while contracting your pectorals. This simple and easy exercise doesn’t exert you too much but it’s effective if you are patient.

Exercise if a great way to hold on to your youthful body. A lot of women prefer cosmetic surgeries in order to make themselves look younger but that is never a good option. Even simple procedures can go wrong due to unforeseen complications or medical errors. On we have read some horrifying stories about simple procedures that turned into real nightmares. This is why we advise you to avoid all unnecessary surgeries. Daily exercise and a balanced diet is more than enough to keep yourself young and healthy.

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