Bicep Workouts

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In order to increase mass on certain group muscles, or to tone them separately if they need more attention, you need to find specific and targeted exercises. Men will know more about this because their workout routines often involved working group muscles separately in each session; they can easily include the following bicep workouts in their split routines, whereas women can incorporate them into a comprehensive routine that attends to as many group muscles as possible.

The biceps muscles are very important for the human body, they give us most of the strength in our arms and by that they can even help prevent injury in case of effort. The following bicep workouts are good for both men and women, but the latter can perform fewer repetitions and try lighter weights. Each of you should know how advanced they are and choose your weights accordingly, but remember to always challenge yourself a bit.

  • Alternate hammer curl – For this exercise you will need a pair of dumbbells; stand up with your feet slightly apart and a dumbbell in each hand. Your palms should face towards you, so the ends of the dumbbells face forward and backward. Bend your right elbow and raise the dumbbell towards your upper arm; the upper arm and shoulders should not move, so all the work is done by your lower arm but you work your biceps as well. When you lower your right arm, lift the left one, and keep alternating like that for at least ten times with each hand.
  • Alternate incline curl – Sit on an incline bench, your back and head properly aligned and supported, and your feet planted on the ground. Grab two dumbbells and, like before, keep your palms facing toward you. You have to keep your upper arms stationary here as well; begin with the right hand, and as you lift it, twist your palms toward you, so you’re parallel with the dumbbell when it reaches your shoulder. Hold that for a second as you contract you biceps, then slowly lower it and start with your left hand. The same number of repetitions is recommended.
  • Barbell curl against incline – Lie belly down on an incline bench, with your feet on the ground. Hold a barbell in your hands – be careful what weight you choose – and slowly lift it towards your chest without moving the upper arms. Hold the position for a moment and them lower slowly, so you get maximum workout from this exercise. Try performing 10-15 repetitions.
  • Concentration curl – This exercise is particularly suitable for beginners, but of course anyone can do it by increasing or decreasing the weight lifted. Sit on a bench with your feet apart and one hand between your legs, the other resting on one leg. Grab a dumbbell and balancing yourself in the other hand, start lifting without moving the upper arm; just bend from the elbow and sit slightly bend over. Perform ten repetitions on one hand and ten on the other.

These are basic bicep workouts that anyone can perform; if you invest in a pair of dumbbells and a barbell you can even perform them at home and make your own gym room. Remember to always do at least ten minutes warm-up before any type of exercise and to drink water whenever you get thirsty.

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