Best Exercise for Weight Loss

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Everyone is interested in finding the best exercise for weight loss; sadly or not, there isn’t one exercise that works for everyone, a miracle workout that burns fat like nothing else. The same as it is with diets, each person has to find what works best for them; don’t follow a diet just because it worked for your friends, or at least don’t expect the same results. We are all different and unique, and our organisms act and react differently. What we can do for you is guide you towards the best possible method.

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Thus, the best exercise for weight loss is that which you enjoy performing; some of you might say that there isn’t any exercise they like, but nobody said working out is like sitting on the sofa watching movies or playing a game on the computer. No matter what type of exercising you use, you will have to work and work hard, you will have to be determined and optimistic and work through the burn. That is why we recommend you find some form of exercising that you find at least mildly interesting, mildly entertaining and fun.

If it is difficult to summon up the imagination and find the best exercise for weight loss for you, then try thinking of your childhood. What were you favorite activities as a child? Did you like to run around, take your bike or roller blades for a spin, or go swimming at the local pool? All these are pleasant activities that you can start again, and that might give you more satisfaction than you imagine. Jogging, biking and swimming are known to be great body toners, and they can be performed in entertaining circumstances.

However, if none of these activities say much to you, then perhaps you would enjoy picking up a sport, or go to martial arts classes. Some of these sports are also great relaxers and allow you to vent your stress, frustrations and even anger; take boxing for example. It can be performed by women and men, and it doesn’t have to mean muscle buildup and pro competitions. Each gym will have a few punching bags, some jumping ropes and so on; but you can even go to a boxing gym and work with a trainer. It can be incredibly fun and entertaining to punch a bag, or towards someone else – without injuring anyone, of course.

The same goes for martial arts; karate, tae kwon do, tai chi and many others like that can be learned and practiced at special gyms; out of them you get so much more than with simple exercise; you learn how to focus, body awareness, how to control your thoughts and movements, and even how to defend yourself in case you have to. Finally, the best exercise for weight loss is simply being active; stop finding excuses not to exercise – such as the old “I don’t have the time”. You have all the time in the world, and if you really want to you can find those twenty-thirty minutes a day to perform some slimming activities.

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