Arm Workouts for Men

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Improving your arm muscles or increasing them is not very difficult if you create a good targeted workout that focuses on the muscles you want to strengthen. The arm muscles are essential in keeping you strong and they can help you perform workouts for the rest of the body as well. Biceps, triceps, shoulder muscles and back muscles confer your body a good position and posture and working them out can help you relieve back pains. If you are interested in some arm workouts for men, we’ve found a few exercises that you might find interesting and useful.

Some of these arm workouts for men require equipment usually found at the gym, so make sure you have access to them before deciding on a certain routine. You can either invest in some weights and make your own home gym, or you can get a gym membership, thus gaining access to equipment that can help you with full body workouts. Here is what we propose you try today for your arm muscles:

  • Snatch grip dead-lift – Stand straight on a 6-inch box and then squat to grab a barbell that you have previously positioned there. Grab the bar slightly wider than shoulder width with palms facing toward you and, without bending your back, straighten your legs and get up. Lower back in the squat position and you’ve completed a repetition. The weights you choose have to reflect your level of training, but always make sure you’re challenging yourself a bit. The 6-inch box helps to keep you steady in the same place and slightly increase the difficulty of the exercise, which must be performed in 3 or 4 sets of six repetitions.
  • Y dumbbell raise – Sit on your belly on an incline bench, your feet resting on the floor and one dumbbell in each hand. Make sure you are in a comfortable and stable position, and holding the dumbbells palms down raise your arms as high and straight as you can, both at the same time. As you lift spread your arms a bit and twist your palms inwards and then, as you come back, lower them palms down. Perform a couple of sets of ten repetitions each.
  • T dumbbell raise – Remain on the incline bench, but this time hold the dumbbells with palms facing upwards. Raise them up to shoulder level so your body forms a straight line and repeat the same number of times as the previous exercise.
  • W dumbbell raise – You are still on the incline bench; bend your elbows at 90 degrees with palms facing each other; now raise both arms laterally, until your shoulders and elbows form a straight line and they sort of form a “w”. Repeat the same number of times as before.
  • L dumbbell raise – This exercise is a bit more complicated than those before. Let your hands hang down with dumbbells in each of them and palms facing each other. As you lift your elbows and bring them in line with your shoulders, twist your arms so that your palms face inward. When you reach this position lift your forearms towards your head. Go back through the same positions and repeat the movement in the same number of sets and repetitions.

These arm workouts for men are relatively simple and they can be especially useful for beginners because they don’t require the use of very heavy weights. In that respect one could even recommend them to women as well, though they should be warned not to exaggerate unless they want really muscular and thick arms.

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