Amazing Chest Workouts for Men

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Men’s workout routines are generally localized and targeted, especially when the final goal is muscle increase. That doesn’t mean that this is the only way men have to exercise, but it is the usual habit in these situations. The following chest workouts for men can be part of a targeted workout, but they can also be used within a more comprehensive routine that simply aims to make the muscles lean and toned.

While for women it can be easier to exercise because they can perform a number of exercises at home, or practice Yoga or Pilates, men who want to workout and have something to show for it generally have to get a gym membership or invest in lots of equipment. For these chest workouts for men we do recommend going to the gym because you gain access to a large variety of machines and weights, so your possibilities automatically increase.

  • Pectoral deck – This refers to the machine in the gym where you go to sit down and push weights grabbing the handles with your forearms. Sit straight on the seat and make sure the weights are appropriate for your level of strength; contract your chest muscles and those in your arms and push the pads together and perform three or four repetitions of five to eight repetitions. You can adjust the number of sets and repetitions according to your specific goals.
  • Cable press – Make sure two pulleys are at your shoulder height and that the weights are suitable for you. Stand in the middle and keep your feet apart, with one foot in front of the other for more stability. Grab the two handles and press them forward without touching your elbows. Return to the initial position and repeat for the same number of times as the previous exercise.
  • Cable flyes – You are standing in front of the same machine; grip the pulleys, but this time pull them so your palms come together in front of you at chest height. Contract the chest muscles and return to the initial position. The sets and repetitions are the same as before.
  • Chest dips – Grab a hold of a dip bar lower yourself as you bend your elbows; make sure your head is down and focus that the movement is done with the chest muscles and not the triceps.
  • Cable crossover – Stand between two pulleys and make sure they are slightly higher than your shoulder height; grip them so your palms face forward and your elbows are bent and push down until your arms are below the chest. Make sure the movement is focused on the chest and repeat much like the previous exercises.
  • Flat flyes – Sit back on a bench, with your feet on the ground and your back and head well supported; hold a dumbbell in each hand with arms bent and palms facing each other. Your palms should be close to your shoulders; raise both arms until they are fully stretched and then return to the initial position. Perform three or four sets of eight repetitions for this exercise.

These are just a few exercises that could be part of chest workouts for men, or of a more generalized workout routine. Some of these exercises, particularly the last one, can be performed by women as well, but the weights and number of sets have to be adjusted to suit their strength and final goals. We advise you to alternate between these exercises and some for other areas of the body, so your development is smooth and long-lasting.

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